arom:D Artisan Spa

arom:D life

arom:D life, the world’s first academic spa, established in Bangkok since 2007 at Bandara Suite Building. arom:D is decorated by contemporary style ,using fresh warm orange tone with spruce furniture.  Apart from spa treatment service, arom:D also is the place for learning. The spa has both short and long courses including the workshop suitable for the lifestyle of urban people who are more interested in health and wellbeing.  In addition, arom:D has introduced its spa in Hangzhou China in 2015, located at Che’fle Hotel center of Hangzhou tourist and business district.

arom:D has been created to be the world’s first academic spa . This concept is originated from the inspiration to innovate Thai Spa, which could be more suitable with the urban lifestyle people and prepare for the competition in AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) in 2015. arom:D academic Spa will be the first spa for enhancing the sustainable wellness  for clients with knowledge and education,  and arom:D also let customers experience the innovative spa program which aims to balance the good emotion as the experiential travel concept.

arom:D focus on enhancing the aesthetic of emotional living by using the combination of Indian Ayurveda , Thai traditional medicine and contemporary alternative medicine for example the crystal therapy and chromo therapy or color therapy. In order to balance the emotion. arom:D chooses 7 colors of crystal which is link to human emotion which divided to 7 basic emotion as Red – Active , Orange – Joy , Yellow – Light , Green – Love , Blue – Cool ,Indigo – Dream , Purple – Awakening

arom:D is set to be first Thai spa where customer can participate in supporting good mental health for Thai youth activity by focusing on Emotion Quotient (EQ)developing. arom:D has vivid purpose to support any project which aim to develop Thai children and juvenile in both finance supported and other activities supported. Customers can be part of this generosity because 5% of arom:D income will be allocated to donate to project or foundation which aim to enhance emotional potential of Thai children and youth.

arom:D academic Spa is an innovative concept which is designed to support the rise of ASEAN Economic Community. The spa concept is designed as a prototype to support the new ASEAN tourism strategy. We will focus on standard, the sustainable business model and the new way of spa experiential travel.  The clients will be able to exchange and learn the culture with local.

“The future of arom:D, we will be the world’s first academic spa and will be the first Thai spa that will expand our innovative spa experience to customer in order to disseminate knowledge of Thai spa to the world” Sunai said.