The New Journey of Life Artisan.

Our Origin

arom:D is the award-winning world’s first academic spa encompassing the charm of rural Thai wedded with a contemporary emotional-inspired design to provide affluent multinational clientele with intuitive mix of science, human mindfulness and unique treatment concept based on different balancing regimens.

The spa is a pleasure ritual invented to allow our guests to give themselves an I-Deserve-It time out, enriched with extensive range of tailor-made treatments, the indulgence of urban-hideaway surroundings and the mindful touches delivered by therapeutic artisans.

Our Philosophy

Believing that human spirit is entitled to joy and happiness, arom:D is the first mood therapy developed by Spanovator to offer a wide range of go-beyond guest services based on the holistic emotional wellness approach with commitment to create an individually crafted spa experience that challenges the norm.

At arom:D, our service begins with passion and caring attitudes demonstrated by highly skilled and soulful performance of our therapeutic artisans. We wedded the oriental science and time-honored healing wisdom passed down to direct lineage with the use of mood-affecting herbal merits so as to naturally unfold the physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Whilst the vast majority of urban spas attire with uncompromisingly luxurious ambience, we step out of the path and take you back to feel the extraordinary charm of rural Thai heritage, which synergizes simple, clean, spacious and back-to-basics settings to bring you a closer connection with true nature.

arom:D retreats put together a great understanding of physical and emotional health, a lively bounce in your step, a feel-good smile upon your face and reconnect you with inner-self and the world around for we believe that all the good vibes in life are keys toward wellness— and everyone deserves it righteously.