good mood is a key
the realm that enhances good mood and good life.

Meticulous beauty, day spa with natural and Thai traditional service and treatments.


Create your personal state of balance leading to physical, mental and emotional well-being. This approach is custom tailored in consultation with your personal therapist to pinpoint specific areas of focus to meet your needs.


Soothing and relaxing hand movements work into muscle and soft tissue to induce relief from stress and tension of Mind and Body. Essential oils will be adapted to each individual’s specific needs and pressure can be varied to optimize your comfort.

arom:D artisan spa at Naiipa Art Complex, 46 Sukhumvit 46, Prakanong, Bangkok 10310
Where moods meet good life.

“arom” or emotion is a feeling that is art and subjective. Human can play an extraordinary range of states, which they can feel or experience. Some feels are accompanied by obvious signs of enjoyment or distress, but often these feeling have no overt indicators. In many cases, the emotions we note in ourselves seem to be blended of different states.

“arom:D life” is the state of blissful mind which is the result we aim for delivering to our clients basing on the holistic approached such as chakra, color, crystal and aroma therapy as the first complete mood therapeutic spa holistic experience.

arom:D life : a truly wellbeing realm for urbanite individuals.